Our Customers Speak!

Having been thought about, talked about and worried about for a couple of years, we finally took the plunge in 2015 and began the process of bringing RetroLab to some Wi-Fi near you!

RetroLab was founded by (and clichés at the ready!) a ‘husband-and-wife-team’ – Steve and Fiona – together with lots of help from some very talented, supportive, tall, long-limbed and good-looking friends! United by a passion for all things photographic, we decided to pool our experiences – whether as a photographer, printer, website builder, or generally nice, helpful human being – in the pursuit of providing a unique way of printing Instagram images.

Steve is the commercial photographer and is just about old enough to have shot with ‘yer actual’ film. Having subsequently also fallen in love with Instagram and the great range of film emulating filters available, he wanted to find a way to somehow combine the two: “…the beauty of the contact sheet is in the functional, almost industrial-looking nature of the final print. Aspects of the physical film itself are of course visible: the sprocket holes and tiny imperfections; the frame numbering; the edge codes…these are of course purely mechanical features of analogue photographic film, but when combined with contemporary digital imagery, the distinction between modern and traditional technologies starts to disappear. Most importantly for RetroLab, we hope that customers get a real kick out of presenting their pictures in what we believe is the most striking and evocative of ways!”.