Returns & Exchange

We’d be absolutely mortified if you had to return an item to us! If there is however a problem, please send an e-mail to customer service at as soon as you can, and we’ll talk! If we feel that we need to see the item too (and you’re not just round the corner from us!) we’ll send you a pre-paid postage label, either via e-mail if you don’t mind printing it out, or we can pop the label in the post to you. When your item’s back with us, we’ll check things over and, if we’ve made a booboo, we’ll give you the choice of either a full refund (including delivery) or we will re-make the order as soon as possible and deliver it to you free of charge.

Note: if you’re feeling up to it, at this point it may also be worth reading our Terms and Conditions of Sale, where we have to get all adult about the harsh realities of the world...sorry.