In the Beginning...

A contact sheet shows a film photographer exactly what they’ve managed to shoot - film is cut into strips which are placed in contact (hence the name!) with a sheet of photo paper.

We Love Instagram!

So, you’ve taken some great shots! Log in to your Instagram account and select which of your pictures you'd like to send to the RetroLab!

HINT: to keep things authentic, select only colour or black & white images for any one RetroLab sheet.

The Films…

RetroLab allows you to present your images combined with four different ‘digitised’ film types – two in colour and two in black & white. See below and read our FAQ’s for more!

Kroma-Lux 64!

Presented on an overall white background, Kroma-Lux 64 emulates a contact sheet produced from a colour slide (transparency) film original.

Kroma-Lux 400!

Shown on an overall black background, Kroma-Lux 400 is designed to give your contact sheet that colour negative film look.

Mono-Lux Super!

With an overall white background, Mono-Lux Super recreates the look of a sheet made using a black & white slide (transparency) film.

Mono-Lux Plus!

Presented on an overall black background, Mono-Lux Plus emulates a contact sheet printed from a black & white negative film original.

Get Creative, Again!

After selection, you can move your images around the sheet that you’ve chosen - enlarge, crop, even rotate them! You'll also be able to examine a very detailed preview of your sheet.

HINT: if you’ve shot rectangular pictures on Instagram, the RetroLab site will automatically crop these square to fit into the ‘windows’ on the sheet, but you'll get the opportunity to adjust the crop of these yourself!

Our Print, Paper & Frames!

We only use Canon 12-colour Giclée printers and ‘archival’ grade Canon 260gsm photo satin paper.

All RetroLab contact sheets are sized for easy framing at home - if however you’d like us to do this for you, no problem! As we're photographic printers, we leave the frame making to the experts - our particular expert is a nice man called David!

Please see our FAQs for more on our printing and David's framing!