Look Familiar?

The iconic film photographer's 'contact sheet'...easily create your own from your Instagram images!

We Love Instagram!

So, you’ve taken some great shots! Login to Instagram and select your pictures! We've four different film types - two colour and two black & white...

Kroma-Lux 64!

Printed on an overall white background, Kroma-Lux 64 is our colour slide film.

Kroma-Lux 400!

Printed on an overall black background, Kroma-Lux 400 is our colour negative film.

Mono-Lux Super!

Printed on an overall white background, Mono-Lux Super is our black & white slide film.

Mono-Lux Plus!

Printed on an overall black background, Mono-Lux Plus is our black & white negative film.

Get Creative!

After selection, you can change the order of your images, enlarge & crop, even rotate them...you can also see a large preview of your entire sheet!

If your shots are rectangular, these will be automatically cropped to fit the square ‘windows’ of the film - you can however adjust these!

Our Print, Paper & Frames!

All our prints are sized for easy framing at home - but if you’d like us to do this for you, no problem! As we're photographic printers, we leave the frame-making to the experts - our expert is a nice man called David!

Please see our FAQs for more on our printing and David's framing!